I have a variety of magic items for sale - stage, family, and mentalism mostly.  Prices shown do NOT include shipping.  I will calculate the actual shipping and notify the purchaser of the total cost.  If everything is still agreeable, then we can complete the transaction.  If interested in anything, please email me at

No guarantees that this page is up to date.



Anywhere Bill 1 and 2.  $10 for both.





Magic Pad.  $40.




New Vanishing Coke Bottle.  $40.





Sankey Assortment.  $15.

(Note: the black bag is empty.)



Lewis Cone.  $15.




Assorted videos.  $5 each.

(Note: Sankey Earplugs is video only.)

**Silly Billy is sold**



Jumbo Coincidence.  $10.





Swami - boon style.  $10.




Feather flowers - two bouquets and a few singles.  $10.



Haunted Key (never used).  $5.



IT: video, ITR, folding bill.  $10.



Black Art book.  $10.



James Munton package.  $10.



Zig Zag CD.  $5.



Assorted give-aways.  $10.

3 water jugs; 2 penetration frames;

3 water tubes; 4 finger choppers.




Bundle of magic kits - may be missing some pieces.  $10 for all.




Assorted family / kids stuff. 

Individual items as priced, or make offer on a bundle.


Giz-zin-tah bag - $5.

Magic Zone tape - $5.



Crystal Tube - $5.

Balloon needle with cork holder - $3.



Production Pyramid - $5.

Money production boxes - $10.

20th Century Splendo - $5.



Wand and shells (never used) - $10.